Accelerating Motivation and Productivity: Employee Engagement Fundamentals

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Do you struggle to find motivated staff? Do you wish there was an easy way to improve your team’s productivity?

Is your organization plagued by common labour problems such as high turnover, a lack of initiative,  chronic absenteeism, a lack of responsibility, or people just “going through the motions”?

We’ve all felt the effects of this pandemic; employee motivation and productivity are at their lowest levels in a century. Low engagement results in lower business productivity, lower profits, higher turnover, and increases in workplace safety problems.

Addressing this lack of employee engagement requires a new understanding of employee motivation and what today’s workforce needs from employers to regain their enthusiasm and have more job satisfaction.

This new understanding needs to include:

  • The importance of employee’s feeling valued and appreciated
  • How trust and flexibility allows for a better sense of work/life balance
  • The motivating effects of allowing people to play to their strengths
  • How letting people understand the importance of their efforts improves ambition

This course will teach you practical and cost-effective intervention methods and strategies that will improve productivity, lead to greater profitability while reducing turnover and lowing workplace safety problems.


Each lesson is comprised of a series of videos and activities designed to help you begin implementing the strategies discussed. You should set aside about 45 minutes to complete each lesson.  We offer 3-4 different activities, in each lesson, that you can choose from to aid in your implementation of the strategies discussed, as well as an optional “quiz” to help you reflect on the success of your implementation efforts.