Roman 3's Workplace Culture Hierarchy

Maslow’s Hierarchy is an excellent model to use when looking at workplace culture. A culture needs to be built on foundation where the people in it are having their needs met and can start to increase their productivity and performance.

We, at Roman 3, have our own adaptation of Maslow’s hierarchy built specifically to address workplace culture.

Stage 1 – Compliance. This stage is where much of the HR procedures, labour laws, industry standards, and administrative processes are incorporated. This is where much of the work supporting equity in the workplace will land.

Stage 2 – Psychological Safety. This is without a doubt the most overlooked stage in the workplace. This is where all employees are provided an environment where they feel safe to express themselves and feel a sense of trust and mutual respect from the people they work with.

Stage 3 – Inclusion. The key to remember with inclusion is that is not solely about creating an environment where traditionally marginalized populations feel welcomed AND feel that they belong. Inclusion is about valuing and accepting all people, encouraging them to be successful.

Inclusion needs to be about everyone, period. Making everyone feel as if they belong and are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in the organization. But it is important to state that it will take additional effort to make people from traditionally marginalized groups feel included.

Stage 4 – Engagement. This is often the carrot that most workplace see as being the motivation for changing workplace culture. Employee Engagement is arguably the single most important factor in the workplace. It has been proven time and time again to significantly increasing employee performance, talent attraction and retention, customer relations, and organizational profitability. It is the most important factor when exploring organizational change and cannot be overstated for its importance.

Stage 5 – Strive. This is where we as individuals strive to improve ourselves and our skills. And where our organization can strive to improve the performance of all employees.

To learn more about Workplace Culture Hierarchy, please enjoy this 5 minute video.

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