The Challenges with Creating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Often when we talk about Diversity and Inclusion, or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or even Equity Diversity and Inclusion we often use language to identify their order of importance. Too often it is thought of as a sequence of events that needs to be addressed in order. Diversity first, then Equity, then inclusion. Or even Diversity first, then equity, which will create inclusion.

Diversity is about the WHO. Who we recruit, who we promote, who we select, and who is in a position to represent?

Inclusion is about the HOW. How we make people feel welcome? How we create a safe place to speak up? And how we make people feel like they belong?

Inclusion is the environment that people invited by diversity are welcomed into. So the most logical place to start is to create the right environment and culture so those invited to be a part are able to be successful.

Diversity efforts need to start with inclusion to create a workplace where people feel safe to speak up and that they actually belong.

To learn more about the challenge with creating diversity and inclusion in the workplace, please enjoy this 5 minute video.

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