The Challenges With Creating Employee Engagement

The importance of Employee Engagement has sparked many articles with quick tips to help you make work more fun, as well and the creation of computer software to add more games and challenges with incentives for people to work harder.

The problem with these common and current practices is that they are overly simplistic and undermine the fundamental principles of inspiring and motivating people. People are complex and so are the methods needed to get them to change. 

The truth is, human motivation is very complicated and so is harnessing and maintaining enthusiasm. So “quick tips” and “motivation hacks” at their best are simply band-aids.

The reality is that employee motivation and enthusiasm are complex and quick fixes are often not sustainable. Employees expect that there are things they shouldn’t have to deal with in the workplace, things like interpersonal conflicts or unfair wages.

To learn more about the challenge with creating employee engagement, please enjoy this 6 minute video.

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