The Challenges With Creating Mastery at Work

Mastery at Work is the effort that organizations make to support employees’ skills by; identifying and valuing them, using them effectively, and developing them for greater achievement.

When we try to incorporate these 3 components into mastery, our biggest mistake is to think of them as separate activities, instead of one connected system. At best we will often pair two of them together, but using only two of the three, is often the root cause of some typical workplace problems.

When we Identify and Use our skills, but do not develop them:

We create complacent employees.

When we Use and Challenge our skills, but do not Identify them:

We create generic employees

When we Identify and Challenge our skills, but do not Use them:

We create unsupported employees.

The common way we think about mastery and skill development is often incomplete. If we do not include the three components when we implement mastery, we will keep making the same mistakes that keep employees complacent, make them generic, and feel unsupported.

To learn more about the challenge with creating mastery at work, please enjoy this 4 minute video.

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