What is The 7X3 Rule?

The 7X3 Rule assesses the 7 Dissatisfaction Factors of the workplace according to the 3 Expectations of the workforce.

7 Dissatisfaction Factors:

  • Wellness
  • Conditions
  • Policies
  • Compensation
  • Job Security
  • Safety
  • Consistency


3 Expectations:

  • Competitive
  • Sufficient
  • Equitable

These expectations are something that every organization and employer needs to accept as part of today’s workforce. The shift in thinking that came as a result of the disputation of traditional work from COVID-19 brought these 7 Factors and 3 Expectations to the foreground of the daily conversation of workplace culture, recruitment and retention, and equity in the workplace.

To learn more about The 7X3 Rule, please enjoy this 4 minute video.

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