Getting Started with Inclusion Bundle




Getting Started with Inclusion

Welcome to this bundle of courses on Getting Started with Inclusion. This collection of courses is designed to be a starting point for managers to begin to understand the complexity that comes with creating true inclusion and to help them identify the best place for them to start. Inclusion is the foundation that makes Diversity work, without creating inclusion, where staff are all valued, safe, and respected, your diversity efforts will always come up short.

In this course bundle you will receive the following courses:

  1. Rethinking Your Workforce Appeal
  2. Rethinking Labour Costs
  3. Improving Employee Engagement
  4. Rethinking Inclusive Workplaces
  5. Improving Autonomy at Work

By completing these courses and completing the activities provided, you will be able to successfully find a practical and meaningful path to creating a more inclusive workplace.

What you can expect

Actionable Strategies

We provide activities that we encourage you to try immediately. These activities are design to aid you as your begin to implement what you've learned.

Learn at your own pace

You're in control of when and where you learn. All material is available on-demand to maximize flexibility.

Mobile First Design

Desktop or Mobile, however you feel most comfortable viewing content we've got you covered.

Engaging Expert Content

Learn from our team of Employee Engagement Experts. Our instructors each have years of experience coaching and training businesses just like yours.

Clear Place to Start

You'll be provided a clear place to start as you begin to implement what you've learned.

No Time Wasted

Expect to spend about 5 hours on the course material and instruction which is broken up into convenient and easy to complete lessons.