Improving Recognition at Work



Would you like to improve communication and morale at your workplace?

Many workplaces struggle with morale problems that come from employees feeling unappreciated and employers feeling like their efforts are never enough.

Recognition at Work is something that is relevant to all workplaces, to all staff, at all levels. However, many managers and supervisors may not know that even their most sincere and heartfelt efforts may not be understood the way there are intended.

This course will provide you with a meaningful understanding of what Recognition at Work is and how you can incorporate it into your workplace.  

There are 4 short and compelling videos that will explain:

  • Why Recognition at Work is important
  • What are the common mistakes we make with Recognition at Work
  • How we can use it more effectively
  • Where you can start to make a difference today.

There are also some options for activities that you can use to bring actions to your workplace that will start to affect the meaningful change that better Recognition at Work can bring.

This course has about 30 minutes worth of video content and another 30 minutes of activities to complete. This introductory course is the beginning of your journey and is an important first step. There are also some suggested additional courses to support you on your next steps.

What you can expect

Actionable Strategies

We provide activities that we encourage you to try immediately. These activities are design to aid you as your begin to implement what you've learned.

Learn at your own pace

You're in control of when and where you learn. All material is available on-demand to maximize flexibility.

Mobile First Design

Desktop or Mobile, however you feel most comfortable viewing content we've got you covered.

Engaging Expert Content

Learn from our team of Employee Engagement Experts. Our instructors each have years of experience coaching and training businesses just like yours.

Clear Place to Start

You'll be provided a clear place to start as you begin to implement what you've learned.

No Time Wasted

Expect to spend about 1 hour going through the course content and activity.