Confident Leadership: The Linchpin of Success – CPHR Nova Scotia

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Date(s) - January 26, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


This event is hosted in partnership with CPHR Nova Scotia

Some people seek out leadership roles, others have it thrust upon them. Either way, how successful you will be as a leader is largely affected by how confident you are in your ability to lead. A confident leader does not always look the way people expect, but a confident leader they will feel the way people expect. Confidence creates safety, trust, and efficacy. It inspires people to listen, follow, and achieve. These elements are what a leader needs to provide, but they are not always what we get.

We often misunderstand what true confidence is, how it looks, and how to obtain it. When true confidence is absent in leaders, we see predictable behaviors and effects that can have a prolonged impact on a business’s growth and sustainability.

The absence of confidence in an organization’s leadership has a profound and costly effect on a business’ performance and profit. Employee disengagement, talent turnover, and high absenteeism are just some of the common and costly problems that stem from a leader’s insecurity.
In this 60 minute presentation, we will outline the direct connection between confidence in leadership and successful business outcomes. We will describe the 3 biggest obstacles to building a leader’s confidence and the costly repercussions that result from a workforce led by an unconfident leader. We will leave you with a clear understanding of why confidence is an essential element of leadership and suggest where you can begin your journey to becoming a more confident leader.

We will also look to engage as much input and questions from participant and use as many real-life examples as possible to ensure that all information is practical and meaningful to everyone in attendance.

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” — Andrew Carnegie

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