Master The Employee Experience: Included And Engaged – Digital NS

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Date(s) - July 5, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


This event is hosted in partnership with Digital NS

Creating an inclusive and engaging workplace is challenging, especially in our world today. Whether we work in-person or remotely. Every workplace wants to create a successful and productive culture, but we don’t always know how.

In the workplace, someone’s background, culture, ability, education level, etc., strongly impacts their perspective and their preferences at work. However, why someone has specific preferences is not really the important part. What those preferences are is much more important. An inclusive and engaging workplace is one that sees the uniqueness of the individuals and allows them what they need to be successful.

When we try to make our workplaces more inclusive, we often focus on giving everyone the same opportunities, regardless of their need. When we try to improve employee engagement in our workplace, often we are looking to incorporate broad, company-wide interventions, to get data-driven results. But is that enough? Do we actually have the needs of individual employees in mind? Is it really making a difference?

This becomes even more important when we are talking about decentralized or remote workplaces. How do we create a more inclusive and engaging workplace with remote teams? This is becoming more common and a growing concern. Being included and engaged requires more intention and effort now, than ever before.

The key to making a workplace that makes employees feel truly included and engages them to provide their best work, is to put the focus back on the people. We need to stop making our inclusion and engagement efforts a mile wide and an inch deep. We need to empower our teams to give individual employees what they need to be the best version of themselves.

In this 60 minute presentation, we will address the importance of employee engagement and inclusion, as well as the common mistakes we make when trying to create both. We will describe what can happen when we stop addressing them as separately and start thinking of them as two sides of the same coin. We will leave you with clear and tangible examples of what success needs to look like in order to create a workplace that makes everyone feel respected, trusted, encouraged, and inspired.

We will also look to engage as much input and questions from participants and use as many real-life examples as possible to ensure that all information is practical and meaningful to everyone in attendance.

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

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