Workplace Culture Hierarchy: Steps To Build The Workplace We All Strive For – CPHR NB

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Date(s) - April 14, 2022
1:00 PM


This event is hosted in partnership with CPHR New Brunswick

Most workplaces want to create an environment that inspires employees to be motivated in their work and engaged in their job. This environment is created by how they communicate, what expectations they set, the way managers lead, what everyone thinks of the company and their job. The result is what we call Workplace Culture.

One of the many challenges that come with trying to create a workplace culture that fosters employee engagement and motivation is the lack of understanding about how a strong workplace culture is built. The most common mistake we see when attempting to improve workplace culture is to take a single action, unattached to any larger effort or strategy, and implement it without considering if the current environment will allow the action to be successful.

When we try to create change in our workplace, we often jump right in without asking ourselves the question: “What needs to exist first, before this will be successful?”

By not asking ourselves this important question, we are trying to build an environment without a foundation in place that will allow it to be successful long term. In order to create sustained change, we need to know the steps to create the long-lasting success and employee engagement we are looking for. We need to understand the Workplace Culture Hierarchy.

In this 60 minute presentation, we will address the importance of intentionally crafting an inclusive and engaging workplace culture, as well as the common mistakes we often make when trying to do so. We will describe the Workplace Culture Hierarchy, and how you can understand where your workplace currently sits on it. We will leave you with a clear path that you can follow to start bringing tangible and measurable results to your workplace.

We will also look to engage as much input and questions from participants and use as many real-life examples as possible to ensure that all information is practical and meaningful to everyone in attendance.


“You are always reinforcing a workplace culture, make sure it is the one that you have chosen.”

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