Rethinking Your Workforce Appeal: Moving Beyond Compliance

Your business’ success in retaining talent is dependent on its appeal to your current and potential workforce. The labour market has changed, for a business to be adapt to the new reality it needs to better understand what today’s workforce is looking for. Ask yourself: Are your current employees satisfied in their jobs? Does your … Read more

Rethinking Inclusive Workplaces: Creating Belonging and Engagement

Creating safe, equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplaces is not only an important business practice. It is the right thing to do! Part of the challenge with creating this kind of workplace is that the steps to change the workplace culture are not as clear as the importance to do so. Where do we start? How … Read more

Labour Value Loss Bundle

Welcome to this bundle of Coffee Break Courses on Labour Value Loss. We have compiled this series of courses to help you determine how vulnerable your business is to each of the costly labour issues related to Labour Value Loss. Included are the following courses: Disengagement: Determining Your Vulnerability Turnover: Determining Your Vulnerability Absenteeism: Determining … Read more

Accelerating Motivation and Productivity: Employee Engagement Fundamentals

COURSE DESCRIPTION Do you struggle to find motivated staff? Do you wish there was an easy way to improve your team’s productivity? Is your organization plagued by common labour problems such as high turnover, a lack of initiative,  chronic absenteeism, a lack of responsibility, or people just “going through the motions”? We’ve all felt the effects … Read more

Rethinking Labour Cost: Increasing Profits and Productivity

Labour challenges are a major source of stress and concern for many business owners and managers. It is one of the few overlapping problems that is shared by the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. However, when labour problems arise, it is not only the mental burden that it puts on leaders, labour problems have a … Read more